Katie immediately rushed into her brother's room. "What's the matter with 
you?" she asked as if her brother had just lost his mind.
	"Calm down, kid," Al commanded.
	The Teenager glaced at his little sister and then at Al. He looked like a 
frightened deer caught in the headlights of a oncoming car.
	"Why did you scream like that for?" Katie asked.
	"There's a strange man in my room," he quickly said horrified pointing to Al.
	"There is a strange man in your room, Sam," she said rolling her eyes at her 
brother. "But, it's only you." She walked out of his roo closing the door 
tightly behind her.
	"Why couldn't she see you?" Sam asked. his face was a look of terror, but ixed 
with a strong dose of curiousity. Al noticed a diffrent look in his friend's 
eyes. His eyese looked younger - for they wre the eyes of a extremely 
intelligent but average sixteen-year-old boy.
	"Only you can," Al said. "Now, calm down. I come in peace." He reminded 
himself of a alien on a tv show or a movie. To the boy in front of him, he was 
a alien. "Kid, don't you remember me?" Al asked. *Stupid question, but a part 
of him still might.*
	"How could I remember you, when I never saw you before?" Sam asked.
	Al took a long drag from his cigar thinking about what to say next. He knew 
that sooner or later his friend would fully regress to being sixteen, but he 
alwaus hoped that Sam would always remember him and his mission. Sam remembered 
nothing. To Sam, that night should have been just a night during his sixteenth 
year of life with no connections to the future, but only to the present and the 
past. Al wanted to tell him everything that he should know, but how much should 
one tell a teenager about his own Destiny. Somehow, he had to tell him that 
Kelly was going to be in big trouble, if Sam did not save her. First of all, Al 
had to convince the Teengager to take him seriously.
	"You might not know me yet, but you're going to," Al finally started.
	"I'm going to know you, but I don't know you now," he said. "Why are you here 
	"Your girlfriend's in trouble, and I need your help."
	"Kelly's in trouble," he said skeptically. "Why should I believe you?"
	"I'm from the future."
	Sam listend to the radio for a second, and noticed the end of a song was 
playing. "If you're really from the future, can you tell me what song is going 
to play next?" he tested.
	Al turned around trying to hide the handlink, so he would be the only one to 
see it. He pressed a few buttons. After a short delay, probably due to Ziggy 
refusing to answer a trivia question, he got a answer. "It's the Door's 'Break 
on Through.'"
	The song finished playing, and the Doors began to sing.
	All signs of fear disappeared from Sam's face. A huge childlike smile came 
over his face as he looked up at the old man with huge interested eyes. "Wow!" 
he exclaimed somehow knowing that he was telling the truth. "Far out!" His mind 
became overloaded with questions, and he began to quickly throw them out. 
"What's the future like? What happens to my family? Does my brother return 
safely from 'Nam? What's my future like? Am I going to enjoy college? Did I -?"
	"Hey, kid. Stop with the questions. Ok, Sam?"
	"How do you know my name?"
	*How can I answer this one without giving out too much information? "Let's 
just say we're best friends, where I come from."
	"Like me and Jordan are now," the Teenager filled in. "Hoe did we -?"
	"Sam, quit with the questions. You'll find out about everything when it 
actually happens, and not before."
	"I'll try." He looked directly up at the man astonished. "Gee, you travel 
through time. That's totally far out! No. That's so far out it's into another 
	*Someday, you will too kid,* Al thought looking directly back at the young 
man. Right now, though, he had to do something that would probably be the 
biggest thing he did in his first sixteen years of life. "Sam, as I said 
before, your girlfriend's in danger."
	"Kelly," Sam said.
	"Tonight, she's almost going to drown at the lake."
	"Is she killed?"  The Teenager bit his lip to hold back the tears - tears 
which came straight from his heart. He could not cry. He did not allow it - no 
matter how much he loved her.
	"Finally, a question I can handle," Al said his hand resting on the handlink 
inside his pocket. He was afraid of taking it out in front of him again, even 
though this time it was a matter of life and death. "Maybe."
	"No!" Sam felt the serious pain of this news. He could not bear it. He wanted 
to cry. He wanted to scream. He did neither, but the pain inside of him was 
excruciating. He did not want the woman he loved to be killed. He wanted to 
live his life with her, but how could he if she did not have a life to live.
	"That's why I need you," Al stated.
	"But, why me?"
	"Because, you're special Sam. You're a natural born Boy Scott. You'll always 
be," Al told him.
	"Thanks. I better go to the lake? Shouldn't I?"
	"Yes," Al strongly commanded.
	Sam picked up the list. In his quickest handwritting, he wrote reason number 
thirty - the word, "save."
	"That damn list isn't important! Your girlfriend's life is!" Al said to him 
greatly annoyed. 
	Sam knew exactly what he had to do, and what was important. He raced out of 
his room and out of the house so fast that he appeared like a jet rocket.