The three teenagers walked into the hallway, and headed for the main entrance. 
They were almost outside, when Mr. Beckett saw them with Mrs. Beckett and Katie 
in tow. Sam could tell by the surprised look on their faces that his dad had 
just told his mom and sister the news. "Where do you think you're going?" Mr. 
Beckett asked Sam.
	"Out with my friends," Sam answered.
	"No tonight. Right now, you're going straight home with us. When you get 
there, you are to go straight to your rom. I want you to write wtenty reasons 
why you and her want to get married, and I want it by tomoorow morning."
	"Twenty reasons?" Sam pleaded. 
	"No," his father said.
	"You're a smart young man, Sam," he said. "I think that you should give me 
	"But dad!"
	"No, but about it, son. I could even go higher. You're lucky to be getting 
away with thirty."
	"Fine," he gave in as he went outside.
	Kelly walked over to him, and kissed him softly on his lips. "Maybe, that will 
help you with some inspirtation."
	"Kelly, you shouldn't go to the lake, but go to your house. Maybe, I can come 
over there later," Sam said trying to talk Kelly out of going to the party. He 
knew that something bad was going to happen to her that night, although he 
could not remember what it was.
	"I really want to go," she said looking at him with her large brown eyes. 
"You can come to the lake later. We'll be there together, just after you do 
your little assignment."
	Sam felt helpless and terrified of what would happen that night to her, since 
now he did not think that he could do anything to stop it. "I really don't want 
you to go tonight. I have a feeling that something is going to happen to you."
	"Trust me, Sam. Nothing is going to happen to me."
	"Just promise me that you'll won't go near the water."
	"I promise," she said. Sam could tell by the look upon her face that she was 
not too sure if she should believe him and obey, or just forget about what he 
had just said and dismiss it as a bad intuition of something that won't happen 
at all. "I'll see you later at the lake, I hope."
	"You definitely will," he promised her. *Hopefully, it is a promise I could 
keep,* Sam thought as he and his family went toward the family car in the 
parking lot. Sam walked a few yards in front of his parents and sister. Al kept 
up with Sam's quick pace right next to him. "I can't believe that I'm grounded, 
just because I want to marry Kelly. That must be the stupidest reason for 
confinment ever. I have to be there at the lake tonight in order to save Kelly 
from what is going to happen to her. I doubt that I could to anything, if I'm 
stuck in my room having to think of thrity reasons why I want to marry a girl 
whose going to be in danger."
	Al was relieved that Sam remembered that he had to save Kelly, since Sam did 
not remember much. "Sneak out," Al directed.
	"I don't want to get into trouble with my folks."
	"You're a real momma's boy sometimes. Your girlfriend's going to be in big 
trouble, and you're worried about getting grounded."
	"I am not a momma's boy! I'd just better write those reasons as fast as I 
	"I can think of two reasons. One, she's gorgeous. Two, she's probably really 
good in the hay. With a body like hers, she must be."
	"Al, shut up ! I can't tell my folks that, and I don't what you saying things 
like that about her either."
	"I know, but those reasons are good enough for me. Man, it must be the truth," 
Al said as he caught a glimpse of Kelly on the far side of the parking lot. 
"How about it I go to the lake, and keep an eye on her for you?" he said 
feeling that he should explain all of the steps of how to save hr to the 
Teenager. Otherwse, Al figures that he probably would not know hwat to do, and 
Kelly would be in great danger. "I want to do all that I can for you, Sam, 
since you don't want to go yourself. When something is about to happen, I'll 
come back and get you. Maybe, you'll be finished by then. If not, go to the 
lake anyway. I really want to help you prevent what is supposed to happen to 
	"Great idea," Sam complimented, except he was not too sure that was the only 
reason why he wanted to keep look out. Al pressed a button on the handlink and