"You were amazing," Kelly's mom, a stout dark haired woman, congratualated 
Kelly and Sam after the talent show.
	"Thanks, ma," Kelly said.
	"Yeah," Jordan said as he walked over to them. "Great job, Mr. and Mrs. 
	"What did he just call you?" Mrs. Viaggio questioned.
	"Didn't they tell you, yet?" Jordan questioned.
	"Tell me what?" she asked.
	"We're getting married," Kelly told her mom shyly.
	"Momma mia!" she cried gesturing with her hands letting her Italian-American 
background show. She could not believe what was going on before her.
	"Sam, are you ready to go home?" Mr. Beckett asked as he leaned over to the 
small group from where he was standing.
	"John, did your son tell you that he's getting married to my daughter?" Mrs. 
Viaggio asked Sam's dad.
	"You're what!" Sam's father exclaimed.
	"We're getting married," Sam told him.
	"You're too young to get married," Mrs. Viaggio stated.
	"We're not!" Sam told her. "My parents got married when they were our age."
	"Leave mine and your mother's lives out of this," his dad said. "Things were 
different back then. With a brain like yours, I thought you wanted to go to 
	"I do," Sam defended. "Kelly and I can stay engaged for a long time, until I 
finish school. Then, we can get married. It will give me something to really 
look forward to."
	"I don't care when we get married, just as long as we do," Kelly sighed 
	"You still didn't tell me why you wanted to get married," Kelly's mom said. 
"I'm not going to become a nonna. Am I?"
	"No, ma," Kelly explained. "You're not going to be a grandmother. It's nothing 
like that. We love each other, and want to spend the rest of our lives 
	Mrs. Viaggio put her arms around Sam as she breathed a sigh of relief. She air 
kissed him on both sides of his face. "Sam, you're a good guy," she said as she 
stepped away. "If my daughter says she really loves you and you really love 
her, that's good enough fo me. I'll be honored to have you as a son-in-law, 
beacuse I know you'll take care of my little princess."
	"If you don't, she'll get the mafia after you," Mr. Beckett said.
	"Ay, what's that supposed to mean?" Kelly's mom said noticing the strong 
prejudical tones.
	"It doesn't mean anything," Mr. Beckett said defending himself.
	Jordan looked over to Sam, Kelly and their parents with disbelief. "I think 
you just started World War Three, but I guess that's what happens when a girl 
from the Bronx agrees to marry a guy from a bumpkin town like this," he said. 
"So, are you coming to the lake or not?"
	"Sure," Kelly aid as she followed him escaping midst of the agument. Sam 
followed them out of the door.