CHAPTER EIGHTEEN (tidbit: Kelly's age in my story.)

	Sam sat on the porch swing on his front porch in front of him family's house. 
The school yearbook was open on his lap. He was looking at all of the pictures 
in it. All of the different grades. The homecoming dance. The Halloween fair. 
The basketball games. The senior prom. Pictures just of different people in 
school All of the events and individuals that made high school so great.
	Sam stuck his finger in the back of the book, where all of the advertisements 
and messages from friends and family were. When he opened to that page, he saw 
a picture of Kelly when she was probably about ten with her mom and a teenage 
boy, who looked much like her and who was probably her older brother. Kelly's 
mom wrote a short paragraph congratulatin her "little princess on her 
graduation." On the botto of the page under the picture, there was a message to 
Kelly that read, "To Dodger. You're a MVS - Most Valuable Student. From your 
'big bros,' David and Albert."
	He turned th pages in the yearbook to look at her picture on the senior pages. 
There was three seniors' pictures and quotes on each page which were all set up 
in alphabetical order. Kelly's picture was on the top of the last page. Her 
senior picture and her quotation were lined up in a straight row. He looked at 
her picture. She was the best looking senior girl at Elk Ridge High that year. 
In her picture, she looked like a model. She was dressed in a short print 
dress, which showed off her perfect sexy figure. Her long blond hair was tied 
into two braids that were placed over her shoulders. She was smiling devilishly 
at the camera. Even though the picture was black and white, he coud see the 
twinkle in her eyes. He read her quotation, which was typed next to her 
picture. "'A little sunshine brightens a gloomy day.'" *It figures she would 
have some cute saying like that. She was always my sunshine.*
	He turned back a few pages to look at his own picture. His senior picture was 
not the greatest. He had a look upon his young face that seemed to say, "I'm 
bored, so get this stupid picture over with." He guessed that was what he was 
thinking at the time. His quotation read, "'Determination is the key to 
sucess.'" *Isn't that the truth!* the Teenager thought to himself. *Without 
determination nothing would ever be achieved. My entire life is going to be ful 
of determination, because someday I hope to achieve greatness - not for myself, 
but for the benifit of all mankind. Greatness in what? I don't know yet, but 
with determination I'll try to be great in whatever I do.*
	He removed the pen that was held over his ear as he looked down at his 
picture. He wanted to write something meaningful next to his picture. He 
remembered the events they shared together, during his years in high school. He 
especially thought about the last days Kelly and he spent together. He thought 
about all of his feelings for her. He could not bear what is going to happen to 
her that night. He loved her, and could not stand to live without her at his 
side. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. He placed the pen over 
his picture, and wrote, "To Kelly, We've been through a lot together. Good 
times. Bad times. I want to have more times with you. Will you marry me? Love 
forever, Sam." 
	*Maybe, her blieving that she was pregnant was a sign telling me that both of 
us were meant to stay together and start a family,* the Teenager imagined.  
Somday, I'm going to have a wife. A loving wife that will fully understand my dream - the dream of 
controlling time.*   


"I got you to walk with me. 
I got you to talk to me. 
I got you to hold my hand. 
I got you to understand.
Babe, I got you babe."
	- Sonny & Cher, "I Got You Babe"