Chapter Seventeen

	After school, Kelly and Sam walked quietly to the car out in the parking lot 
and got in. He sliently drove to the doctor's office in town a few blocks away 
from the school. In that time, in that silience, they said everything that 
needed to be said. Their entire future depended upon what was going to happen 
next. Their lives could change forever.
	"Lool what I have," Kelly said looking at the book she was holding on her lap. 
He pulled the car into a parking space in the lot next to the small brick 
building and parked the car. "It's the school yearbook. It just came out 
	"Wow!" He looked at its dard green cover with the words 'The Elk Ridge Annual' 
 written on it in huge gold lettering. "Our senior yearbook."
	"It's our last year in high school," she said sadly. "Now, it's tie to face 
the rest of our lives and the real world. Sam, I want you to be the first one 
to sign it."
	"I'll be honored."
	"Thanks. Maybe, it'll take your mind off of the reason why we both came here. 
Now, all we can do is to take the next step and go inside, and hope that the 
test is negative. This is probably the first test that we ever had that we wish 
we fail." He placed te book next to him on the driver's seat.
	They both got out of the car. He held her hand as they went into the doctors's 
office in town, where Kelly's mom worked as the town's nurse. The waiting room 
was completely empty, except for them and Dr. Miller, a balding man in his late 
fifties. Dr. Miller filled in for the main town doctor, Dr. Burger, three days 
a week and always seemed to be the nicer out of the two. He wore a long white 
jacket. He stood next to the large white reception counter that dominated the 
small room.
	"Hi, Doc," Kelly said as they entered.
	"Hello. Don't worry, you two," Dr. Miller told them. "Kelly, your mom's not 
working. I gaver her the afernoon off. I also didn't write anything down on 
your file, so she has no way of knowing unless you tell her." It was so hard to 
tell from the tone of his voice the results of Kelly's test. Sam felt just as 
frightened and sad as Kelly as he thought about the worst that could happen. 
"Sam, are you the fellow?"
	He did not answer. Kelly slowly nodded as she looked down at the floor.
	"It's amazing!" Dr. Miller said tohim shaking his head. "I remember when I 
told your mom that she was pregnant with you. That must be about seventeen 
years ago now. Time sure does fly. It's unbelievievable that you're now old 
enough to have a child of your own." He hesitated of a moment while he slowly 
and carefully read the piece of paper he was holding. "Well, you're not going 
	"What did you say?" Kelly asked. Her ears perking up imediately.
	"I said tht you're not pregnant."
	She sighed a sigh of relief. She was smilingfrom ear to ear with extreme 
happiness. "Wow! Thank you so much!" she rejoyced. She turned to Sam and flung 
her arms around his neck. She was so elated, and so was Sam.
	"I know you're both teenagers," Dr. Miller stated. "Sam, teenage guys have all 
sorts of urges and desires. You probably know that, otherwise you wouldn't be 
in this predicament."
	*Great! The old birds and bees lecture!* "Doc, I think I heard this enough 
times already. Do I have to listen to it again?"
	"I guess you do know what it's all about - hearing it from your parents and in 
that ultra-liberal health class in that school of yours. Just try to control 
yourself, Sam. A good Christian boy, like yourself, isn't supposed to be doig 
anything like this. You are supposed to wait until you're married to be with 
someone - not before."
	*I wonder if Al ever heard this part of the speech,* Sam joked to himself. 
*Then again, Al is the perfect example of a bad Christian boy.*
	"When it comes to sex, it's usually the guy's fault, Just make sure something 
like this doesn't happen again. It could really change your life."
	*Like I didn't think of that already,* the two teenagers thought.
	"Sam, you're dad tells me that you're going off to MIT in the fall?" Dr. 
Miller asked changing the subject.
	"Yes. I really can't wait," the Teenager said anticipating all that life will 
	"I have a really good feeling you're going o make it in this world, Sam. 
College can be difficult sometimes. Good luck," he told him. "Good luck with 
that talent show tonight, too. I heard that the two of you are going to sing at 
	"We are. Thanks," Sam said as he and Kelly walked out the door hand in hand.