CHAPTER SIXTEEN (tidbit: Sam's age in my story.)

	Sam motioned to Al to follow him. They walked across the hallway to the empty 
high school gym. "Now, why are you here?" Sam asked.
	"I just wanted to observe the oldest living teenager," he said.
	"I think somebody else already got that title by the way he keeps acting 
around my girlfriend," Sam said looking directing at the person.
	"Any more food fighting incidents, while I was gone?" Al asked.
	"That only happened once, Al."
	"I never though you to be a juviline delinquent," he kidded enjoying all the 
new found information he got about his best friend, since the beginning of the 
leap. "Yu got a dentention for a week for a food fight you started."
	"I was only fourteen."
	"You're not fourteen now," he said indicating Sam and his surroundings. "The 
biggest thng is that otall hot babe you've been dating might have something in 
the oven, and you were the one to turn the oven on in the first place. Jeez!"
	"Al, do you know if she's pregnant or not?"
	"No," he answered. "There are no records of a pregnancy test even taking 
place, and Ziggy didn't want to check if your baby was every born if she 
couldn't find any info from the start. Don't worry about everything, Sam."
	"Easy for you to say."
	"Sam, I know you can handle everything," he said. "I went through the same 
thing. I understand."
	"No you don't understand," the Teenager barked back. "Grownups always say that 
they understand, but they never do! You were in your late twenties when you got 
Beth pregnant. It was about time you settled down. You should settle down now. 
I'm only sixteen! I want to go off to college. I want to see if I could 
possiblely make it in the world outside of Elk Ridge."
	"Sam, you're going to make it," Al stated. He knew that Sam was really going 
to make it in the world. If he did not, the both of them would not be standing 
there right then as a part of project of great feats, which the Teenager 
invented himself when he grew up.
	"It's really going to be a struggle, though. Maybe, I should 
transfer to Indiana State, instead of going to MIT. I really want to go to MIT, 
but Kelly comes first. If we're both in Indiana, maybe I could take care of her 
better. Maybe, our parents could help," the Teenager planned. "My parents!  
That is if they don't disown me first. Once they find out I knock up my 
girlfriend, I'm going to be in really deep sh-" He looked around, and noticed 
that there was a grownup standing nearby. "I mean really deep ca-ca."
	"Take one step at a time, kid," Al suggested. "You don't even know if she's 
really pregnant, yet."
	"Yes, I guess I should."
	"Good luck!"
	"Thanks! I need it," Sam said as he watched his friend disappear through the 
rectangle of light. He hoped and prayed that luck will be with him, when he and 
Kelly went to the doctor's office in a half-an-hour.