The three students walked down to the end of a long rectangluar table near the 
entrance of the caferteria. "You really should ask Miss Gray if you could be in 
the talent show tonight," Sam said. "I bet you'd have the entire place 
	"Maybe, I will," Kordan agreed. "I'm going to see her after school today, 
	"Detention again," Sam and Kelly said in unison.
	"I think I'll actually miss Detention room 104," Jordan said with a sense of 
irony in his voice. 
	"I think I'll miss this entire school,' the Teenager said.
	"Me too,' Kelly agreed. Even though she only went to the same school for less 
than four years, she felt that all of her friends were like one big happy 
family, and she dreaded the day when they would all have to say goodbye. "I 
think I'm especially going to miss you, Sammy," she finally said smiling. She 
leaned over from her seat next to him, and gave Sam a kiss on his cheek.
	"We'll still keep in touch," Sam said, "hopefully."
	"It's not the same," Kelly informed. She took a bag of potato chips, opened it 
and offered some to Sam and Jordan. They refused. "Are you sure?" she asked 
looking at Sam with flirtatious puupy dog eyes. She held a chip up to Sam's 
mouth offering it to him.
	"Kelly, I'm able to feed myself," he said taking the chip away from her. He 
ate it just to please her.
	"You can feed me," Jordan said with his mouth widely open.
	"Get real!" she said smiling as she tossed him the bag.
	"We have some great memories here," Jordan said looking around the caferteria. 
"Remember that huge food fight we had sophmore year, Sam."
	"If I'm correct, you were the one to start that Jordan," he answered.
	"You're not correct," his best friend said. "You were the one to start that 
one. How could you forget? The four of us had detention for a week."
	"Sam Beckett - teenage hoodlem," Al joked. "I would have never guessed you for 
a troublemaker."
	"The four of us?" Sam asked.
	"You know me, you, Herkie and Sibby," Jordan informed.
	"I have no idea how I could ever forget that. I guess it just slipped my 
mind," the Teenager stated. "That was entirely far out!"
	Jordan reached into the bag, and pulled out a potato chip. He threw it hitting 
a unsupecting freshman on his head. "Time to relive old memories," he answered.
	"Time out," Sam said getting up from his seat. "Time to grow up. We're going 
off to college soon."
	"Soon is not now," Jordan answered.