Chapter Fourteen

	Kelly grabbed her books from her desk and walked over to her boyfriend and his 
best friend. "Hi, hi guys. Are you going to the caf?" she asked knowing that 
they both did not have a class last period.
	"Sure, Kelly," Sam answered. He took his and Kelly's books under his arm. He 
hld her hand as they all walked out of the classroom and started to walk 
towards the cafeteria.
	"That really was some poem," Kelly said to Jordan.
	"Yeah, really terrible," the Teenager joked.
	"At least, I made up a poem," Jordan shot back, "unlike some people."
	"Sammy, you really didn't write a poem for class?" Kelly asked.
	"Well," Sam said thinking. "Uh, no."
	"Ladies and gentlemen, a miracle has just occured," Jordan announced as the 
group walked into the cafeteria. "The brain is finally going through 
	"I never thought I would live to see the dsay. I got it! I must be dead," 
Kelly said joining in with Jordan's goofing.
	"Well, at least, I didn't have it since I was a freshman, like you Jordan."
	"You still got it, Sam," Kelly said. "This all must be a dream. Somebody pinch 
me to wake me up."
	Jordan reached down and pinched her butt. Sam gave him a look of extreme 
annoyance as Jordan quickly let go.
	Kelly spun around to face him. "Jordan! That's not what I meant!" she said 
	"What did I do?" he said trying to appear innocent.
	"You know perfectly well what you did."
	"It wasn't me," he denied. "It was Sam." He wanted to direct the blame from 
him and towards Sam, since he was the only other male close by.
	"Sam?" she questioned looking at him. The look on her face expressed the fact 
that she did not believe him.
	He pointed to Jordan. "It was him," he mouthed.
	"Jordan!" Kelly said unamused.
	"Ok, I'll admit it." He tried to act serious, but by the glint in his eyes and 
his smile his friends could tell that he only wanted to clown around. "It was 
Sam's invisible friend."
	As if on cue, Al showed up. Sam looked at him, and let out a muffled laugh. Al 
inhaled from his cigar as he looked curiously at his friend.
	"Jordan, we both saw you," Kelly said indicating Sam.
	"What can I say?" Jordan said pointing to a area of thin air, but Sam saw what 
the air really contained. "Sam's invisible friend -."
	"Sam!" Al said.
	"Al, I didn't say anything about you," Sam whispered to his best friend.
	"He made me do it," Jordan answered.
	"What in hell are you kids talking about?" Al questioned.
	""Oh, so he just told you to pinch my butt!" Kelly stated.
	"That's some friend you got there, Sam," Al said smiling as he reached down 
and tried to do what he was getting blamed for. Sam shot him a glance of  
extreme annoyance.  "If I'm going to get in trouble, I misle well do something 
	*The answer's not creative enough,* Jordan thought. "Actually, he possed my 
body, pitched you and had me take the blame. I tried to get him to stop, but he 
just barged in on me."
	"Jordan, you really have a great imagination to make up a story like that," 
the Teenager said to his best friend laughing. "Maybe, you should become a 
comedian. You'd be great on Laugh-In."
	"You really think so?" he asked. "Kelly, what do you think?"
	She looked directly at Jordan. She could never stay angry at one of her 
friends - no matter how annoying and sexist they might act at times. This was 
especially true with the guy with the biggest reputation as a class clown in 
all of Elk Ridge High. The closer she was to a person, the less anger she 
seemed to get. A small smile came over her lips, and them there was a gigle. 
"Maybe, she said. "I guess so, but I don't think what you did was funny."
	"What can you expect, when you're the butt of the joke?" Jordan shrugged.