Chapter Thirteen

	About halfwa through the calss, Miss Gray said, "Class I hope you wrote your 
poems, becase now you're going to share them with the class. Who'd like to be 
first?" She classed on a girl on the other side of te room. The girl stood up 
at her desk, and started to read her poem.
	*Poem! English homework! It must be here somewhere!* the Teenager thought as 
he rummaged throgh all of his stuff. He always did his homework well before 
hand, s he assumed that he did it. Somehow, he could not find it. "Where in the 
world is it?" the Teenager said softly to himself. He felt a sinking feeling in 
the pit of his stomach. 
	"I can't believe this," Jordan said looking at him in his hopeless effort. 
"The Brain forgot to do his homework. Kelly's right. As she would say, 'Sam, 
sometimes you're really7 Swiss cheesed.'"
	"I didn't forget my peom. It's just missing."
	"Yeah, sure, Sam. Whatever you say," he said in disbelief.
	"Like you actually did yours?"  He knew that Jordan never did his work on 
	"I did, and here it is," he said as he slapped a blank piece of loose-leaf paper.
	"It's doesn't look done to me."
	"The techer doesn't have to know that."
	"Jordan, it's so nice of you to volunteer," Miss Gray said as she saw the two 
boys talking together.
	"Ih, yeah," he said as he rose from his seat. "There once was a lady from 
Natucket," he began to recite.
	"Jordan!" the teacher said annoyed.
]	"Ok, here it goes," he said before he recited his poem. "Don't got a rhyme. 
Don't got time. Uh." Sam could tell that he was thinking hard to make up a 
poem on the spot. "Can you spare a dime? I want a lime," he finished. He smiled 
pleaserd with his effort.
	"Now, I want to place your paper up on the desk with the others," she said 
catching on to the fact that he did not do his work.
	"I can't," he said nervously. "I'll give it to you at the end of class."
 	"I want it now, Jordan." He quickly wrote down what he just said on a piece 
of paper, and walked slowly up to the large desk to give it to her. Miss Gray 
did not look to pleased, when he placed it on the stack of papers.
	"I think I failed," he said as he returned to his seat and sat down.
	"Sam, how about you?" she said looking at him.
	"Can you give me a few more minutes?" he asked. "I did it, but I'm just still 
looking for it."
	"Sure," she said. "Kelly, it's your turn."
	"Are you sure there's nothing going on between you and Miss Gray?" Jordan 
	"In your dreams, pal."
	"In my dreams, it's Miss Gray and me - not you," he said as he saw Kelly rise 
out of her seat in the middle of the room.
	"This is my poem by me, Kelly Viaggio," she announced before she read her 
	"That's a wonderful poem, Kelly," Miss Gray said as Kelly approached her to 
hand in her assignment.
	"How can that be wonderful?"{ Jordan said in disbelief as he leaned over 
towards Sam from his seat.
	"Well, I think Kelly's porm is great," Sam commented. "I liked it."
	"You have to. You're her boyfriend."
	Miss Gray turned back to where Sam was sitting. "Sam, we're waiting for you," 
she said just as the first bell shrilled to indicate the end of class. "You'll 
be the first one tomorrow. Class dismissed."
	"You're lucky," Jordan said as he grabbed his books and stood up. "YOu're 
saved by the bell." 


"Don't know much about history. 
Don't know much biology. 
Don't know much about the French I took. 
Don't know much in the science books. 
But I do know that I love you, 
And I know that if you love me too. 
What a wonderful world it would be."
	- "What a wonderful world it would be," Herman Hermits (song - 1960's)