Chapter Twelve

Note: This is the beginning of the high school life section. The Teenager is 
now about 80%. 

	The school corridor was crowded with students the next day. Most were trying 
to get to their classrooms. The second school bell had just rung for the second 
to the last period of the day to begin. Sam was standing near the trophy case 
in the main hallway looking at what was going on around him. He was surrounded 
with people he went to school with. Some he knew, and some he did not know at 
	"Hey, Sam," he heard his best friend, Jodan, call out as he approached him. 
"Hurry up! We're late enough already, and no way do I want to be late for Miss 
Gray's class."
	"I'm coming," he said as he raced with Jordan through the crowded corridor 
trying not to bump into anyone in the process. They snuck slowly into the 
classroom trying not to be seen and caught.
	Too late! "It's so nice of you boys to join us," Miss Gray ssaid looking at 
them as Jordan and Sam took two empty  seats next to each other near the 
entrance to the small classroom. He looked over to the large black board where 
she was standing. Miss. Gray was a attractive woman in her late twenties. She 
had long straight red har, and a fasce full of freckles. Her body was the 
fantasy of the majority of the guys in the class. He bet that if someone asked 
any teenage boy in her class what she was talking about, he would probably 
would say that he was not paying attention. Somehow, even Sam, always seemed to 
have trouble paying attention in her class.
	"Sorry," Sam apoligized.
	"Now, class," she said turning on the slide projector on her desk. "Let us get 
back to the literature review for the final next week." She reached to grab the 
ring to bring down the white projection screen. The back of her short blue 
mini-skirt rose up, and grabbed the attention of most of the guys in the room. 
Jordan tapped Sam on his shoulder motioning for him to look. "Since this is a 
literature class, can anyone tell us what the definitio of literature is?" she 
questioned looking over the class. Nobody raised their hand with the answer. 
"Sam, how about you?" she asked looking at him.
	He gave the definition the best he could make it.
	"Great answer! If you know the rest of the stuff just as well, you'll pass the 
fina with flying colors."
	"Teacher's pet," Jordan insinuated. "I wonder if you do any extra credit."
	"Shut up!" the Teenager mummbled to his best friend.
	"What did you say Sam?" Miss Gray asked.
	"Oh, nothing."
	"Now, class. I want everybody to take out their text books and open to page 
	The class opened their books, and while she talked about the story found on 
the page. Sam fogot his text book. There was so much going on in his life now, 
that he had trouble remembering things like school supplies. 
	"Sam, you forgot your book. You can look on with me," Jordan said as they both 
moved their desks close together so that he could look on.
	Jordan's book was covered with all sorts of doodles. Shapes. Objects. Funny 
faces. Jordan pointed one out with his pen. It was a sketch of a naked woman. 
"It's her," he told Sam looking up at Miss Gray. "Not a bad likeness," Jodan 
commented looking down at his book.
	Sam covered his eyes with his hand and looked away from Jordan and his book. 
He felt that he just wanted to vanish. "You're imposible!" he said to him with 
embrassament. In Sam's opinion, sometimes Jordan was almost as bad as Al. Jordan would most 
probably look up to Al as a hero. Right then, though, Sam could not tell which 
one of them was worse. At least, Jordan had an excuse, because he was a 
teenager, and out grew it when he was in his late-twenties. Al, on the other 
hand, would never out grown it. Sam knew that Jordan's behavior prepared him 
for Al. After putting up with Jordan straight through school in Elk Ridge and 
for one year in college, Al was a picnic in comparison. Sam had one problem 
though. Why must he have two friends like this? What in the world made him and 
guys like these become such good friends in the first place? That was the 
eighth wonder of the universe.