Chapter Ten

	"Hey, Sammy," Kelly called as she walked across the school parking lot towards 
Sam's brother's old green Ford, which Sam used during the last semester of high 
school. He saw her approaching him carrying five of her school books under her 
arm and a guitar case in the other. She was smiling at him. He could tell that 
she was happy that school was finally over for the day, and she could finally 
be with him. "Aren't we supposed to practice for the talent show? I can't 
believe it's tomorrow. I'm so nervous."
	"Don't be nervous," he said sadly thinking of what is going to happen to her. 
"Life is too short to worry about stupid things. Anyway, you have bigger things 
to worry about than a silly talent show." She opened the door to the car, and 
tossed her guitar case and books into the backseat. "What are you doing?"
	"We're going to your house," she stated. "Aren't we?"
	"Right," he said as he got into the car. "Get in." She sat herself down next 
to him.
	"I went to the doctor's office this morning, right before school," she told 
her boyfriend as he drove out of the school parking lot. "He checked me out and 
did the test and everything. he said that he wanted me to come see him after 
school tomorrow to get the results. I'm so scared! I was never this scared in 
my entire life. Right now, I feel like I'm stuck on the Cyclone, and can never 
get off. It's like the same feeling, but only different. God! I hope I'm not 
pregnant! Sam, will you come with me?"
	"Sure," Sam agreed. "I have a feeling you really need me now. Kelly, trust me, 
though. You're definitely not pregnant. I know it for a fact."
	"I know you don't want it to happen, just as much as I do. You're going off to 
college in September, and have your entire life ahead of you," she said. 
"However, we won't really know, if I am or not, until tomorrow."
	"Don't worry," he told his girlfriend conforting her. "I'll always stand by 
you - no matter what happens."
	"Thanks, Sammy," she said. "I know that I'll need it."
	They drove the rest of the way home in complete silence.