Note: This is the first part of my QL series about the lives or changed-lives 
of everyones two favorite time travelers, Sam Beckett and Al Calavicci. (Trust 
me, it's not a soap anymore.) Please put your comments and thought about it on 
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        Dr. Beckett felt the blue aura of electricity running through his 
body as he leaped.
        As he finished leaping, he noticed where he was, and he couldn't 
believe it. He was home again! Well, his childhood home,anyway! He was in 
his high school's small auditorium back in his home town in Indiana. He 
sat at the brown upright piano that was towards the rear of the high 
wooden stage near he beige back curtain. The person he leaped into must 
have been playing the piano until he leaped in, because his fingers were 
arched over the black and white keys of the keyboard. A microphone was 
propped up in front of him. He looked out towards the audience section. 
Several familiar faces of students were looking at him from their seats 
in the rows of metal folding chairs. 
        *It must be the late sixties, otherwise I wouldn't recognize any 
of these people,* he figured.
        He looked out at the fashions of the people before him, and 
thought that was decidedly so.
        His high school literature teacher, Miss Gray, was pacing up and 
down in the front aisle between the stage and the rows of chairs.
        "Oh, boy!"

Chapter One
        "Mr. Beckett, is there a problem?" Miss Gray asked.
        *Mr. Beckett! She called me Mr. Beckett! I cannot believe this! I 
leaped into myself again!* Sam thought. *What are the chances of this 
happening - a million. No! A billion to one, at least!* 
        Even though Sam did not really know for sure yet, he had a very 
good feeling. The power of deduction lead him to this theory. His family 
was the only Becketts in town. His father would never be in the high 
school auditorium on stage. His older brother, Tom, who was only a few 
years older than Sam, gave up playing the piano when he was twelve, so 
he would never would be playing in high school. He could not remember his 
brother playing anything, except chopsticks.
        *I'm me! Me! This is so weird!*
        "There's no problem," he told her. "I never felt better."
        "Good," she said. "Now, continue."
        Sam's high school girlfriend, Kelly, leaned over to him from the 
spot next to him where she was playing. She was more gorgeous then he 
remembered her to be. She looked beautiful. Her honey colored straight 
blond hair cascaded over her right shoulder. She was wearing a hot green 
and orange dress that showed off her perfect girlish figure. She held her 
wooden guitar close to her. Kelly was smiling at him. Her smile was the 
one thing that Sam could never forget about her. Sam recalled her always 
to be smiling. Kelly always had the sweetest personality of anyone that 
he ever knew. He felt that nothing could ever get her down and blue. It 
was her attitude that made Sam fall in love with her. "Sammy, do you want 
to take it from the top?" she asked. 
        *Wow! I really am me!* "Sure. What song?" Sam had no idea of that 
he had just been playing. He didn't even know why he was playing. He 
remembered that back in high school, he used to play the piano often for 
school functions, such as award ceremonies, ring day, talent shows and 
other such events, except he had no idea what he was playing for now.
        "The song you were just playing, Sammy." He always loved the way 
Kelly called him "Sammy."
        "What song is that?" *How was I supposed to know what I was 
playing for about thirty years ago? It may have been minutes to me back 
then, but it's years to me now.* "Wait a minute. It's a Beatles song, 
isn't it?" he asked suddenly getting a strong hunch about the song.
        "Of course, it is. It's the senior class song, cutey. It's the 
Beatles, 'With a Little Help,'" she said as if he should know what was 
going on. Her large brown eyes twinkled as she looked over at him 
        *That song was my class song - the Class of 1970,* Sam figured. 
*It must be my senior year of high school.*
        "Ok," Sam said as they began playing and singing along to the 
music. He tried to play and sing the song, but he found himself stumbling 
a few times. He pretty much knew the song, but he guessed his 
surroundings were getting to him. He was back home again. Back around all 
of the familiar surroundings he knew as a teenager. He was doing the same 
thing that he did back then.
        Kelly and Sam finished the song. "Good job," Miss Gray commented. 
"You need a lot more practice on it, but it was almost perfect. Make sure 
you know it perfectly for the talent show tomorrow."
        *Talent show!* he thought. *That must be what we were playing 
for. This is a rehearsal for the school show.*
        Sam followed Kelly to two empty seats towards the back of the 
auditorium. He sat down, and Kelly sat down next to him on his left side. 
He looked over at her. Just being with her made him feel like a teenager 
again. He wanted to haver her near him. He wanted to spend time with her 
once again. He wanted to remember all of the love and feelings they once 
had for each other. He placed his left arm around Kelly's shoulders. She 
snuggled up close next to him. He could smell her sweet perfume she 
always wore.
        "So, how was school today?" he asked her looking at the stage 
where three female balerinas were now performing.
        "School's school," she answered indifferently.
        "How was that test you took?" *People always seem to be taking 
tests in school. It's a legitimate question, even if she didn't take a 
test that day.*
        "It was so hard! You know how Mr. Jones' tests are," she 
commented. "He's such a nozzle. That test we took today was his was his 
absolute worst. How I detest science! Who cares why things happen? They 
just do, and that's reason enough."
        "Come on! It might have not been that bad."
        "Oh, yeah! Sam you're such a genius. You were the first one down, 
and you probably got another hundred to boot. Next time, can I borrow 
that brain of yours?" She looked up and smiled at him.
        "If I can find a way to give it to you, I'll do it, but I need it 
        "Sam, you're already accepted to MIT. It doesn't matter how you 
do from now until we graduate. You're the only senior here who doesn't 
have senior-itis yet. Get a life, Sammy! Live a little. I'm going to live 
a lot. I'm not going to college."
        "I must have told you a hundred times," she said enthusically. 
"I'm going out in the world to find myself. Travel all around the 
country. See everything I could possibly see. I think I'll go back to New 
York for a while. Then, maybe, some of my friends and I will hitch out to 
San Francisco." Sam could tell that she was very excited about her 
after-school plans.
        "I still can't believe that's what you're going to do, but I have 
a feeling that you're going to like it out there," Sam said just 
remembering that she actually went ahead with her plans. Kelly stayed out 
in San Fransisco for a long time, until they lost touch with each other 
during the mid-seventies.
        "Come on, Sammy! Why don't you go with me?" It'll be fun, and 
really far out, or as your little sis would say, totally 'awesome.'"
        "I don't think so. Why don't you come off to college with me?"
        "I want to see the world," she said. "Maybe, then I'll join you 
instead. The only lessons in life aren't in classrooms in school, 
especially not in large universities."
        "I guess so." Sam knew that there were plenty of things he 
learned, just from leaping. He learned all sorts of things about people 
and places. It was an education he would not get any other way - not even 
with a million university degrees.
        "A guy that hung out in my old neighborhood taught me that about 
life. He's just a few years older then us, and my brother's best friend. 
Nobody would keep him in one place for long - no matter how much people 
tried. He was always running away to have adventures. I guess that's why 
he joined - " She hesitated for a moment. "- Joined my brother."
        "Are you going out there to be with him?" Sam questioned. He 
wanted to know if there was another man in Kelly's life or just the 
possibility of another romance down the road.
        "No," she answered. "You're the only guy for me, Sammy. You're 
the complete opposite of this guy." She looked into his green eyes. "He 
might be cool, but you're sweet, smart, cute"
        Sam closed his eyes and moved in to kiss her. He once again 
wanted to feel one of her gentle kisses. She tilted her head moving her 
lips to met his.
        Just when their lips were about to met, someone showed up.
        The imaging chamber door opened, and Al stepped out. He was 
looking down at he handlink, and had not yet noticed what was happening. 
"Sam, who you leaped into this time is really amazing," he said making 
his presence known. He gazed over at Sam and Kelly as the door closed 
behind him, and saw that his friend was about to kiss the girl sitting 
next to him. "Whoa!" He had a look of astonishment upon his face.
        Sam moved away from Kelly, and turned towards Al. "You have great 
timing. Do you know that?" *Why couldn't he show up five minutes later? 
One single kiss is all I want.*
        "You just got here, and you're almost in a lip lock with -" He 
looked over at Kelly, who was sitting close to sam looking up at the 
stage. "With the most beautiful babe I ever saw. Hubba hubba! Who's 
this?" Al said indicating Kelly as he looked lustfully at her.
        Sam looked towards Al. "She's my old girlfriend."
        "What did you say?" she asked.
        "I said that you're my girlfriend, and I love you," he said 
covering up his conversation with Al. "I just remembered I left something 
in my locker." He got up out of his seat.
        "Hurry back, cutey," se outed looking at Sam with pleading puppy 
dog eyes. "Be back, before my shoulder gets cold."
        "I will," he told her. "Follow me," he whispered to Al.
        "If he's not, I will be. I can't believe that you dated a girl 
that looked like that. She's a total twelve out of ten on the babe 
meter," Al said as he turned around to get a last look at Kelly before 
they walked out of the auditorium into the wide hallway of Elk Ridge High 
School. They walked over to the narrow blue lockers that lined the walls 
in between the classrooms. The hallways were completely empty, wince it ws 
four o'clock. All of the students left to go home already, except for few 
students at the talent show rehearsal. "She's really something. Just think 
you were the lucky one to get a babe like that when you were younger. 
Somehow, I have a feeling that she's from some other place and time, too. 
There's a certain weird feeling she gives me."
        "Well, I think it's just wishful thinking," Sam said. Maybe, 
you're jealous. I'm the one with the beautiful girlfriend. Remember?"
        "Hey, when I was a teenager, I had millions of sexy chicks all 
over the five Burroughs."
        *Al probably did have many - but millions?*
        "Some of them were even hotter then her," Al continued 
boastfully. "I'm telling you New York produces the hottest babes.  Tina is 
even from New York City. Some the the New York babes are nowhere near your hick 
        "I think Kelly's from New York," he mentioned remembering 
when she first moved into town when they were about fourteen.
        "No wonder! Really? Where?"
        "Staten Island, but I'm not too sure," he told. 
        "That's where Tina comes from."
        "I think Kelly lived in the Bronx for a while, before she came here. I 
really don't remember though."
        "Maybe, that's -"
        "She lived out in San Fransisco, since she was seventeen, I 
        Kelly walked out of the door of the auditorium. "Hey, Sam. Did 
you get what you wanted yet?" she asked. She was a good distance away 
from Sam and Al, so she probably could not hear Sam talking.
        "Not yet," Sam yelled back.
        "I'm just going to get a drink," Kelly said turning toward Sam 
and Al. Kelly walked over to he low white water fountain that jutted out 
of the wall, and bent over to take a drink. Sam noticed Al's eyes 
wondering over to look up Kelly's short dress.
        "Leave her alone," Sam said noticing what Al was doing. "She's 
only eighteen."
        "So? Sam, you have it made," Al said "YOu're a teenager, again, 
and have a sexy young girl after you. Man, I wish I was young again!"
        Kelly moved away from the water fountain and looked up at the 
poster on the wall that announced the talent show a few days away. "I'll 
met you back in the auditorium." She gave Sam a coy sexy smile, before 
she walked back into the room.
        "Sam, your girlfriend really has a great set of hooters," Al 
commented on his friend's fantastic taste in babes.
        "Al, I doubt that you came here to ogle my girlfriend." 
*Actually, that's probably was the reason had he really know she was 
going to be here.*
        "Not a clue on why your here," he told him looking into the 
auditorium to get another look at Kelly. "I just came here to tell you 
what I know. You leaped into yourself again. It's the end of June 1970."
        "I know. Is that it?"
        "That's it! Also, I want to tell you not to freak out and scare 
everybody you know, like the last time you were here, before your brother 
got shipped off to Vietnam."
        "You're the one who's flipping," Sam said. *I think his hormones 
got the best of him, and he's confused her with every good looking woman 
he ever slept with.*
        Al walked over to the door of the auditorium. He looked inside at 
Kelly sitting all alone. "I know that I know her from somewhere, but 
        "Maybe, she just reminds you of someone."
        "I don't think it's that. She looks so familiar, but I really 
don't know where she's from," he said as he disappeared into the future.


 "Get back. Get back to where you once belonged.
  Get back. Get back to where you once belonged.
  Get back, . . .  Go home."      - Beatles, "Get Back" (song - 1969)