A "Capt. Obvious" Note: The only Sam, mentioned or seen, in this chapter is 
young-Sam (aka. Samuel), except in the first line referring to the previous 


	At the same time as Sam was trying to save Jordan, across the campus, Maggie 
pulled her car into a space near the girl's dorms, across from the male dorm's. 
She was upset, as tears flooded her vision ever since she left her parent's 
estate. Two rapidly rushing rivers flowed over her face, dripping onto her 
clothes. She got out of the car, removed her boxes of stuff from the backseat, 
and closed the door behind her.
	Even though a part of her gladdened the fact that she was back on campus 
again, most of her was completely miserable. She wished now more than ever that 
her parents would have sent her stuff to her, or even leave her alone when she 
was there. Her trip was a nightmare. Her parents picked on her now more than 
ever. Her mother kept complaining about the extra five pounds she had put on 
since she started college, and her father complained about her grades going 
from all A's to all C's. She knew the extra weight was because she was skipping 
the exercises she wass forced to do by her mother since she was too busy with 
school work, and she wasn't eating the same types of food that the cook made 
for her at home; maybe a part of it also was just rebellion over her mother's 
eighteen years of torture. She knew that her slip in her grades was because 
classes were much tougher and the professores were harder graders here than at 
her private prep school, but once she tired to explain that to her dad, he did 
not listen.
	Maggie felt all of life was hopeless.
	Even though her eyes were blurred with tears, she saw somebody approaching herr 
coming out of the boy's dorm. "Can I help you?" he asked, picking up the large 
box which rested next to her car. More than anything, though, he wanted to know 
what was troubling her and why she was crying, so that he could help her in 
that aspect of her life right now as well as being her bell hop to her room.
	"Thanks, Sam," she said, glad he was the one who came to the rescue. She wiped 
the tears away from her eyes and tried to stop crying. pretending that she 
never cried at all. She did not want to appear weak and helpless in front of 
the boy she really liked -- and if that meant hiding her feelings, she agreed 
to it. As her dad always told her, crying was only for babies and wimps.
	The two students walked over to her dorm room, with Samuel carrying the large 
cardboard box and her dragging the overstuffed suitcase, both filled with 
clothes, blankets, and other things she needed to survive the winter.
	"Are you ok?" he asked shyly, trying to help her.
	"I'm fine," she lied. Samuel gave her a concerned look saying that he believed 
that nothing was fine with her at that moment. "Ok, everything's not fine! Went 
home to visit my folks, and they started giving me a hard time -- worse than 
	"They're probably just, -"
	"Looking out for me, because they *love* me?" she completed extremely 
scastically, knowing exactly what he was going to say, not believing it for a 
second. "I don't know how things are like back in *cow country,* but things are 
very different where I come from."
	"Still, maybe -" he started again. He only wanted to comfort her and tried to 
understand what she had told him on similar occasions before, but felt at
that moment she did not want anybody to talk to.	 
	But, she did. She wanted to talk to him. Still, she wished he would just 
listen to her, not interject any comments until she had explained her problems 
to him so he he would understand her more. "Sam, I just had the worst 
experience in my life," she honestly told him. "Can't you just shut up!"
	"Fine," he huffed. "If you don't want me here. I'll just carry your stupid box 
up and leave."
	They walked to her door, neither of them saying a single word to the other. 
For the few minutes, the topic was dropped completely -- except in Maggie's 
	Maggie placed down her suitcase by the wall, and she removed the key which 
hung around her neck on a blue and yellow tie-died shoelace, which matched the 
t-shirt she had on under her jacket. She put the key into the keyhole and turned 
it, opening the door. "Thanks," she said. "Do you think you can come in for a 
while?"  She really wanted to talk to him, now more than ever.
	"Don't see why not," he said, following her inside with her box, which he 
placed on her bed as soon as he walked inside. She pulled her suitcase in, 
before she closed the door behind her.
	Maggie was nervous about telling him about he trip, but he wass was the only 
one she knew would understand. No matter what, he was the only person she knew 
who was always willing to listen to her. "My parents were giving me a really 
tough time again," she explained. "My father started putting me down, 'cause me 
grades were really slipping since the beginning of the year."
	Samuel was glad that his parents always were there for him and never insulted 
him or his siblings over anything. "Well, school's tough," he commented. He 
noticed that he even had to study much harder than longer to maintain the same 
grades he received in high school. "There's a lot more stuff to learn. Maybe, 
if we could study together, maybe, we could make it easier on the both of us. 
You study alone too, right?"
	"Yeah. That would be great," she answered. Back in private school, it was the 
only way to keep her grades up, as well as a fact of life, sine she even ended 
up doing group projects by herself because she was always snubbed and mocked by 
all of her classmates. "Maybe, we should," she agreed. Besides giving her 
grades a boost and getting her father off her back a little bit, it would give 
her a chance to be with Samuel, who she really liked. "Maybe, that would get 
rid of one of my problems, but my mom is a problem all by herself. When I was 
home, my mother kept critizing my weight, reminding me of it every possible 
second. She always calls me 'chubby,' like the rest of her critism isn't 
enough; I don't think she even knows I have a name anymore."
	Samuel could not imagine a mother ever being mean to her own flesh and blood, 
but proof was right there in front of him. "She really shouldn't do that," he 
said. "But, well, maybe, you should loose a few pounds."
	She immediately grew fustrated with him. "Why the hell are you taking her 
side?" she asked steamed. "Anyway, why should I listen to someone who's going 
to get married to a ditzy Barbie doll?"
	Maggie hated it when her mother insulted her, now he hated how Maggie had 
just insulted his girlfriend. Still, he guessed she did have a point, since 
Kelly arrived he noticed her sweetness and cuteness, which made him fall in 
love with her in high school, but also noticed that she lacked the intelligence 
that Maggie processed, which he admired. "I really don't mean to," he 
apologized embarrassed. "It's just that -" He noticed his throat was dry as he 
took a gulp of saliva, and he did not know if this was from being embarrassed, 
thirst, or talking to a girl he was really starting to fall in love with 
despite him being engaged to another. "It's just that you should stay healthy, 
and, uh," he said hesitantly, "you are kind of pretty, so -"
	She was surprised at what he had just told her that she almost forgot all of 
the other things that happened that day. She was also completely embarrassed, since 
nobody ever told her that she was pretty in her entire life. She wanted to look 
at him, tell him she thought he was handsome and had a great personality which 
he greatly admired. However, she did not have the guts to even look at him. 
Feeling awkward, she walked over to her small table in the room, cluttered with 
books and papers, and shuffled the papers around, trying not to appear inept at 
receiving his compliment. "Uh, Sam, I need to borrow your Calculus 2 notes," 
she said, realizing her notebook was nowhere in sight. She did not want to 
avoid him completely, but she did not want to fail her course and give her 
father something else to yell about -- anyway, it was *Samuel's* notebook.
	"You can have them," he offered. Although he had a perfect photographic 
memory, in school, he always wrote down almost everything and every problem the 
teacher gave, afraid that one day his brain will burn out and forget all of the 
information it had taken in throughout his life. "I knew that stuff since I was 
three anyway."
	"Three. Honestly," she doubted his statement. She finally turned around to 
look at him again.
	"Ok, I was five," he admitted, this time telling the truth. "Do you want them 
now?" She nodded. "They're back at my dorm. Come with me."
	Maggie smiled at him as the two student's left her room and headed towards his 
room across the parking lot. She did not know whether or not to take him 
seriously, but knew if anybody did know advanced Calculus at ag five it would be 
the "Brain,' as Jordan called him.
			* * *
	Once they were inside his room, he reached into the large blue mild crate 
which held all of his school books when he was not using them, and removed the 
green spiral notebook. He thumbed through it, as he carried on a 
conversation with Maggie about the class and their plans to get together the 
following week for him to tutor her for the upcoming midterm exam.
	He looked into her piercing eyes, the smokey blue color which was the same as 
the sky above the campus. He noticed that his throat was still dry, and 
moisture from his palms was getting on the notebook he was holding. He felt 
this same way many times lately when he was around her. He guessed he would 
feel guilty about his feelings, if he still loved Kelly as much as he did 
while still in high school -- but he did not feel anything at that moment. He 
seemed to like Maggie as somebody more than a friend; maybe it started out as 
friendship, but now he felt like he was falling in love with her. He told 
himself that it could not be. He was engaged to Kelly, and being engaged in 
pretty much the same thing as being married already -- since that what was 
what Kelly and him were planning to do someday. Still, even though he was 
going to get married, he would rather go with his heart, and his heart was 
pointing him in the direction of intelligent, serious, plain Maggie instead of 
sweet, outgoing, glamorous Kelly.
	He dropped the book on the bed, and brushed a lock of Maggie's long, black 
hair out of her still reddened eye. He closed his eyes as he softly kissed her 
on her pale lips, as they wrapped their arms gently around each other in a 
loving embrace.

Is Samuel going to break Kelly's heart by falling for Maggie, as happened in 
the original history ("Changes")? Or, is she somehow going to break his? Stay 
tuned to find out!