Sam and Bingo walked into the Flagship Diner. Sam glanced around the 
art deco diner. It was a nice place situated on a corner across from the ocean. It 
looked really small from the outside, so the large size of the place really 
surprised Sam when he walked in. A long counter was near the back wall, where 
some people wre sitting and stools and the waitress who were not running about 
worked behind. Other people were sitting at the many tables that wre scattered 
throughout the diner or at the booths against the large windows overlooking the 
        "Y'all, we're over here," Bubba yelled out to Bingo and Sam to gt their 
attention. Bubba and Chip wre already seated at a booth against the window. 
They walked over to their booth, and sat at the ends of the blue benches 
directly across from each other.
        "So, what took you so long?" Chip asked.
        Bingo pointed to Sam. "He, being the hero he is, decided to save someone from 
getting hit by a speeding car," Bingo stated bitterly. He did nto want to tell 
them that it as the girl from before, and disrace his best friend, David.
        "Who was it?" Bubba asked curiously.
        "Nobody important," Sam said afraid of being thought weird, such as during his 
conversation with Bingo.
        Bingo was about to say something about Lizzy, but stopped when he saw a
goddess approching. Bingo stared at the young woman walking directly to them. 
She was dressed in a dark pink knee lenght waitress dress, which he considered 
to be tight in just the right places. The young woman stopped right at the end 
of their table, and gave Bingo a sexy smile. "Hi, Kelly," he greeted. Sam swore 
that was the first time he ever hear him - either young or old-Al - call her by 
her real name.
        "Hi, Albert," Kelly said giving him a flirtatous glace of wild energy.
        "Hi, Kelly," Sam said trying to get her to notice him as well.
        "Uh, hi, David," she said slightly startled. "Hi, guys."
        "Who wants coffee?" Kelly asked the guys. She held the filled glass coffee pot 
showing everybody at the table. All of the guys agreed. She picked up the heavy 
white mugs at each of their place settings, filled it with the dark liquide and 
set it down on the table one at a tie. She usually filled up the customers' 
mugs, while the mugs wre still on the table, but never at her brother's table. 
She never wanted to give her brother's friends the chance to look down her 
dress, which usually happened, or give them a chance to "accidently" touch her 
body, which happened rarely but still happened just the same. The secnd reason 
was why she always tried to stay at arms lenght from the table. They were rules 
she always followed and never broke, unless she absolutely had to because of 
her job.
        That was how everything was before the events of the previous night 
transpired, but not anymore. She stood right next to where Bingo was sitting 
with his arm around her waist.
        "Watch out, guys,' she told the group. "I just took it off the burners."
        Bingo took a sip of the strong black coffee. 'It's very hot," he said.
        Kelly picked up a small piture of milk from a nearby table, and placed it next 
to Bingo bending over as she placed it down. "Maybe, this will work."
        He looked straight at her. "I know something else that's good," he said before 
kissing her squarely on her lips.
        She quickly broke apart from him. "Albert!" she giggled blushing. She 
straightened up and took a step away from the table. "I doubt that helped your 
coffee any."
        "Who cares about the coffee? I just said it was good, and it was," he 
commented about the kiss as he smiled at her impishly. *It sure felt good, and 
it sure was good to show my friends what I have and they can't.* "How about 
another one?"
        "Albert, some of us have resposibilities to take care of," she corrected him 
as she gave him a huge smile.  "I'm supposed to be working."
        She looked up at the entire table as a whole. 
        Chip looked angrily at the small jukebox next to him that was hooked up on a 
small wall right below the window. He was attacking it by banging at its glass 
panel and metal sides. He lookd like he wanted to hit it with a slede hammer.
        "Cool off, daddy-o!" Bingo firmly suggested trying to get his friend's temper 
        "This damn machine just ate my coin," he stated.
        Bingo looked at Chip as if his friend had lost his mind. "So, what? It's only 
a dime," he said. "What happened you lost the few sense you had left in your 
        "Yeah, Chip," Bubba said agreeing with one of the other guys as usual. "Bing's 
        "Fine," Chip huffed.
        "Let me try," Bingo said.
        "Why Chip says it's broken?" Bubba asked.
        Bingo took a coin out of his pocket. "Well, maybe, it will owrk for me." He 
leaned down the table, and dropped the coin into the slot. He looked at the 
display reding the information of what the machine held. He pressed a few 
buttons making his selection. The machine refused to work. "This damn thing's 
not working," he said hitting it on its side. After a short while, it started 
to work.
        An oldies - or rather a newies rock song for 1957 - began to play. The song 
was Buddy Knox's "Party Doll."
        "This song's for you, sexy," Bingo told Kelly.
        Kelly blushed and let out a faint giggle as she smiled at him.


"Every one should have a party doll 
To be with him when he's feeling wild.
To be his lover true and fair
To run her fingers through his hair.
Come along, and be my party doll. 
Come along, and be my party doll.
Come along, and be my party doll. 
And, I'll make love to you to you
And, I'l make love to you."
        - Buddy Knox, "Party Doll" (1957)