Sam left his spot next to Bingo. He rushed out into the street avoiding getting 
hit with cars himself. He pushed the girl away from the car. He meant only to 
push her out of the way, but his force rammed into the girl pushing himself and 
her against the curb. They both landed on the hard black pavement on the side 
of the road. Sam fell down on top of her hitting his head hard against the 
curb. If he was a few seconds slower, the car would have definitely hit her. 
        Sam got off the ground, and looked down at the girl. She was still on the 
ground in the position she landed in. She did not look hurt, but looked really 
started at what had occurred.. Her long wavy red hair was disheleved as she 
looked directly at Sam through two locks of hair that fell in front of her face 
during the the tumble. "What happened?" she asked disorientated pushing her hair back.
        "A speeding car almost hit you," Sam informed her. 
        "Oh!" she said realizing what had just occurred.
        "Are you hurt?" he asked kindly. He could tell that there were no serious 
injuries, but one could never tell second hand.
        "I'm fine," she said very surprised from what happened.
        Sam noticed that her voice sounded familiar as if he hear it in another time 
and place. He was certain that he met her before on one of his leaps; however, 
he did not know what leap it was. Sam had a very strong gut feeling that he met 
her at some point in her future. Now, he met her again in her past., just like 
he met Al in his past. He was certain that she was different now compared to 
when Sam met her his first time. Maybe, it was through life's hardships, such 
as war or death. Hardships always seem to change a person's life forever, even 
when the changes are hardly noticeable, but especially when they are 
noticeable. There are good changes that affect life as well, such as a happy 
marriage and family, but he doubted this was the case.
        She started to get up slowly. By her movement, he could tell she felt no
pain in her body from the tumble. Sam offered her his hands in order to help 
her up. She took his gravel and dirt covered hands, and stood up in front of 
him. "Thanks!" she said as she gazed dreamingly into Sam's large green eyes.
        Bingo saw them, and crossed the street. "If you didn't get out of the way on 
time, that damn nozzle probably would have hit the two of you." He watch the 
car that almost hit them continue to speed down the road.
        "I guess I have quick reflexes." *Probably comes from saving people's lives 
all of the time.*
        "I guess so," Bingo said. He turned to the girl. "Are you alright?"
        "I'm fine," Sam said.
        The girl ran her fingers over the swollen area on Sam's head from where it was 
hit. A large black-and-blue lump was forming. "Are you sure?"
        "I'm sure," he answered flinching away from her. It really hurt, but he was 
certain it was only a bruise. There were no signs of a concussion.
        "Thanks for saving my life," she said still gazing into his eyes. Her fingers 
were still wrapped around his. Sam did not recipricate any of the flirtation she was sending him, but she did 
not care.  
        "You're welcome," Sam said trying to hide his embarrassment and the 
uncomfortible feeling he had with the fact of having a teenager flirt with him. 
        "I'm Lizzy," she said. "A hero like you must have a name."
        Sam hesitated, but Bingo chimed right in. "I'm Al-"
        "Who asked you?" she quickly shot at him. Bingo was interrupted open-mouthed.
        *Cold,* Bingo thought. *She's as cold as ice. I can't even say, 'I'm Albert' 
without getting frost bitten. I have to really word at turning the furnace on 
now, so I could melt this iceberg.*
        "What's your name?" she asked Sam.
        "Uh, David," Sam answered remembering Kelly's brother's real name.
        "You're a very brave man," she commented looking directly at Sam. "Do you know 
        *You don't know how brave I must be in order to be in line of work I'm in,* he 
thought. "Gee, I don't know," Sam said humbly.
        "Trust me, you are," she informed. "Any guy who would run into a bust street 
just to save someone must be really brave."
        "Stupid is more like it," Bingo said. Sam could tell by the tone of his voice 
that he was really envious at all of the attention his friend was getting.
        "I don't think he's stupid." She smiled sweetly at Sam.
        *Why should he get all of the attention?* "Well, I'm the guy who told you to 
watch out," he said trying to et some of he attention away from the other guy 
and towards himself.
        "Warning and doing are two different things," she said looking menacing at him.
        "Still, I helped him save you."
        "No, you didn't," she barked back like a angry dog. She turned to look sweetly 
at Sam. "Not anybody could do what he did." She stood there looking into Sam's 
eyes. "Now, get lost, rat boy," she said as her eyes crossed over to Bingo.
        *What a bitch!* Her comments and actions were a direct hit to Bingo's young 
adult enormous ego and pride. *I'm not chicken!* he thought, *just because I 
didn't want to save you like he did. Maybe, my reflexes aren't as quick as his. 
So what?! I would of done something if I could. Some day, I'm going to become a 
hero. A hero of what I don't know. When that happens, the chicks will be 
knocking down my door to be with me. When that happens, I won't even pay you 
any attention. I won't even think about paying you any attention. How would you 
like that?! When that happens, I'm never going to sleep with this bitch, even 
if she begs me.* He took a long good look at the pretty girl who was 
slightly taller than he was. *Of maybe I will,* he added. *Who cares if she's 
not as sweet as Kelly? With a body like hers, what does anything else matter?"
        Her comments were even bothering Sam a bit: however, Sam was not sure what the 
cause of the anger of her comments came from. Maybe, it could have come from 
the ways Bingo came on to her before on the boardwalk and in the bank. On the 
other hand, maybe, she was just naturally nasty. He had a very strong feeling 
that the second reason certainly was not valid, especially since how nice she 
was acting towards Sam.
        "Radar, the guys are waiting for us," he said impatiently as he pointed in the 
direction of the diner looking at his wristwatch. "I'm going."
        "Bye, Lizzy," Sam said.
        "Well, bye, David," she said, a air of disappointment in her voice. She waved 
goodbye before going of on her own way.

Where has Sam met Lizzy before? Does she have a Destiny as well? Or 
did it vanish? Stay tuned to "The Leaps of Our Lives" to find out!