The group of guys left the bank. "Y'all, I'm hungry," Bubba said as his stomach
growled loudly. "What to go to the diner?"
        "Sure," Sam said. It had been a long time since the last time he ate, and he 
was really hungry as well.
        "Maybe, if we're lucky, we can get breakfast and Hot Lips can give us 
dessert," Chip commented.
        Sam remembered that was the name Al mentioned last night. She was the girl who 
David got into the fight over, in the original history. It was the fight Sam 
was there to prevent, at least prevent David from getting hurt. "She works at 
the diner?" Sam asked.
        "You know that," Bingo said. "The two of you must of done it in every hidden 
corner and booth in that entire place."
        "Right," Sam said covering up. "I knew that." Now, he had more of a motive 
for her boyfriend pulling out a knife on David, if what Bingo just said said 
was true about David and her.
        "You guys go on ahead," Bingo said to Chip and Bubba. "I want to talk to Radar 
        "Sure," Bubba said as Chip and him continued to walk down the sidewalk towards 
the diner on the corner.
        "Radar, I'm really sorry that I slept with your little sis," Bingo apologized.
        "I don't think you'll ever be sorry,' Sam said remembering Al's apology from 
earlier that morning.
        "How could a guy be sorry about being with a chick like her? I know she's your 
sis. I know you're upset at me. I'd be upset too, if it was one of the other 
guys, but it's me."
        "I think I'm upset, because it is you." *Out of all of the guys she knows, why 
must she have chosen a guy I knew too,* Sam thought. *If it were one of the 
guys we knew back in Elk Ridge, Indiana, that would be fine. Unforturnately, she 
didn't choose someone from my hometown, but someone else entrirely. Why out of 
all of the men in the world did she ever have to choose him?*
        "Radar, you know how close we all are, and have been sine we met back in the 
Bronx. We're all like family to each other. We're not really family, 
but you've been the closest thing I ever had to it. It's just different with 
her," he explained.                     
        Sam took a good look at the young guy standing across from him. "Nothing is 
ever different with you." *No matter if you're young or old. Nothing ever 
        A huge grin came over his face. "Last night, your sis and I just decided to 
get close in a different sort of way, but that doesn't mean that I don't care 
about her."
        "I don't believe you. You never really cared about a woman one day in your 
life." *There was only one real exception - Beth. Since he doesn't even met her 
until 1959, it doesn't count.* "You said so yourself last night."
        "You said that, when it comes to women, you never care but just fake it." Sam 
knew that Al showed that he cared about many different people but the young 
man standing next to him could nave only matured with age. The young man also 
did not yet hold a job which made him care more about others. Sam knew Al to 
always care much more than he had to, but what Sam knew about Al maybe did not 
hold entirely truely for Bingo. Sam remembered things which he, himself, did as a 
teenager, like silly high school pranks, which he would never even though about 
doing as a adult. People change as hey grow older and wiser, even when certain 
aspects of their personalities basically remain the same.
        "I do," Bingo commented, "sometimes. It's really different with her. She's a 
really good friend. You know that. It's impossible for a guy to be just friends 
with a chick without any action happening, especially when that chick looks 
like your sis." 
        "Especially, when you're the guy," Sam added annoyed.
        "Look, David. With her, it's more about feelings than feeling." He paused for 
a moment thinking about the events of the night before. The girl walked out of 
the bank, and started to cross the street. Bingo's head turned in her 
        *The only real feelings this guy is ever able to have when it comes to women 
and sex is lust - never love. This is especially true when it comes to 
beautiful women, like Kelly.* Sam thought. *Nothing ever changes!*
        A powder blue '56 Ford pulled out quickly from the driveway leading out of the 
bank's parking lot heading for the lane on the opposite side of the street. 
The driver was not paying much attention to his driving, but looking down at 
some papers in his hand. The car was speeding straight for her. She was the car, 
but felt that she could make it across.
        "Hey, watch out!" Bingo yelled seeing that the car was going to hit her.
        She turned around to look at who was calling to her, instead of looking where 
was was going. The car was coming nearer to her by the micro-second. She did not 
pay the car any notice, but naively believed that she was going to be safe.