It was Friday, the first day of leave for the Navy personnel at the base. The 
entire area around the beach and the te cite was swarming with military all 
dressed in their dark uniforms. All looked like each tother with their same 
clothes, harir, and even erect posture and stiff actions. Everywhere Sam looked 
there were more serviceen. The ntire cite looked like it had been invaded - 
invaded my the clones.
        Bingo and his friends were standing on the boardwalk around a metal park bench 
near the edge of the boardwalk smoking cigarettes and talking around their 
plans for their leave and their memores of previous leaves. All of their 
memories wre about sex or drinking or both. Saqm stood a little bit away from 
the crowd ovserving their conversation and actions. The one thing Sam deducted 
from their conversation was that they seemed like the worst ovnoxious 
shauvinistic jerks to ever inhabit the planet. David - the real David - was a 
part of all of that, and was as bad as the rest of his buddies. Sam could not 
believe that a guy like this could possibly be related to a sweet innocent 
girl, like Kelly.
        "Guys look at that!" Bingo said pointing out a pretty and tall girl about 
Kelly's age who was passing by them from Bingo's direct left. "Ht chick at nine 
o'clock." Bingo and the othe young guys turned in the direction he indicted.
        Sam looked at her to find out who the guys wre looking at. *Somthing looks 
very familiar about her,* he thought, *as if I saw here somewhere else.* He met 
many different people during his leaps, but there was something about this
woman which in his memories signified some real importance. Not importantance 
on a famous level, but moe on a person level. Importantance to who, though. 
Was it importance to him? Was it importance to Al? Maybe, it was portance to 
the obth of them? He was not too sure.
        Bingo, Chip and Bubba started making whistles and cat calls at her as she 
passed by. Bingo jumped up on the bench to get a better blook. "Hey, sexy 
baby!" he called. "Why don't you give me some sugr?" out of all of the guys' 
calls, his call seemed like the loudest.
        The girl truned around and looked disguested at them, and especially at Bingo, 
as she crossed the street.
        "I certainly wouldn't mind getting it on with that chick," Bingo commented. He 
watched her as he jumped off the bench. "Man, was she stacked!" She went 
straight into the large bank that was on the other side of the street.
         "I have a sudden urge to go to the bank," Chip said as he watched where she 
        "We need some B&B money anyway," Bubba agreed.
        "Babes 'n' booze," Bingo commented as the group crossed the street. "Get 
screwed and get bombed. Wha'ts more to life than that?"
        *Plenty!* Sam felt a need to correct these young men on their ignorant sexist 
behavious, but could not. H figured that David would never correct them, but 
join right in. The best thing Sam could od was to keep his mouth shut. Sam had 
to keep remembering who he was. He was always someone else, and never himself. 
Even when he was himslef, it was almost never his present self, but himslef 
when he was younger. He was alsways playing a part upon the stage of life and 
time. He knew from the start of this leap, that it was going to be hard to play 
his part, especially du to Kelly being there and seeming to constantly hear a 
all to familiar voice.
        They entered the large bank, which had just opened for the day right before 
the girl came in. Sam looked around the place. It was a big bank, but was 
basicaly empty. There weas hardly anybody there, except for the people who 
worked there and a few custormers. Large wooden desks were against one wall 
nest to several small windows. About ten people stood on a line that led up to 
a long marbel teller's counter waiting to make their deposits or withdrawals. 
The girl was standing next to a small ounter that helpd several different slips 
for transactions felling out one of the slips. The guys walked over to an empty 
counter, and Bingo filled out a form to get money out for his plans for their 
        Chip waked over to her trying to look smooth and cool, but whose walk resulted 
in looking like a very conceited swagger. Sam could not hear what he said to 
her, but she turned him down flat. She walked away from the counter, and joined 
the people standing on line. chip returned to the group dissatisfied.
        "Shot down, and you're dead," Bubba said. Even though Sam knew that Bubba's 
comment was only about his friend's job at picking up the girl, Sam felt a 
sense of darkness about his comment - a darkness only Sam felt, because only 
Sam knew Chip's fate. Chip's fate stated that he would actually be shot down 
and killed over the jungles of Vietnam within the next ten years.
        "She probably wasn't worth it, anyway," he told them excusing his turn down.
        "Let a pro take a shot at it" Bingo said as he approached her.
        "The fact that you laid the Ice Princess last night doesn't man beans," Bubba 
told him.
        "Yeah, watch and learn." Bingo went up to the guardrails that separated the 
lin from the rest of the back, and joined the line right in back of the girl. 
Sam went closer to him, so that he could hear how smooth Calavcicci could feed a 
woman a line, and ignored the guy's conversation and a instramental version of 
"Georgia" plaing over the intercom. "I'd like to deposit a hello, and withdraw 
a date with you," Bingo told her smiling kindly pouring on all of his charm.
        she hesitated for a moment as she looked directly at him. A slight 
slose-mouthed smile came over her lips. It was hard to tell if his line worked, 
or if she was just getting really fustarated at him and his friend. "Why don't 
you make like a banana and split?"
        "Next," a teller called. The girl went up to the empty window leaving Bingo 
behind in the dust.
        After Bingo got his money, he went towards his friends shoving he money into 
his left sock. 
        "Tough luck, pal," Sam said smiling and shaking his head at Bingo's attempt.
        "I thought that you said that you wree going to teach us soething," Chip said. 
"YOu didn't teach me anyting that I didn't know already."
        "At least, I manged to stay with her longer than you could," Bingo shot back 
to his friend. "I have a feeling that it isn't over yer with her."
        "You're never going to get anyting from her," Chip said.
        "Never say never," Bingo pledged. He knew that even if that girl turned him 
down, there would be another chance - a chance that was granted to him by 
crystal ball or a Ouja board or sueth sayer from a clouded mystical world. "I'm 
going to lay this chick, yet."
        "Yeah, sure," Bubba said disbelieving his buddy's staement.
        "You're really crazy, Bingo," Chip said. "You got lucky with Kelly last night. 
Now, you think you're The Greatest."
        Bingo gave Chip a conceited look as the small group left the back. "Well, I 
am. Always was, and most probably will always b."
        "No, I am," Chip said concietdly goofing on his buddy. "So, how did everyint 
go with Kelly?"
        "Great," Bingo grinned.
        Sam shot his a look telling him to keep quiet. *It's bad enough that he slept 
with her, but I certainly don't want him boasting about it the day after.*
        "I'll tell you later, when big brother's not looking over my shoulder." He 
indicated the man walking behind him.

Who is the mystery girl who turned down Bingo?  Tune in to this story and 
the series find out!