Bingo and Kelly walked along the shore of the beach. The night was pitch dark. 
The only sounds to be heard were the pounding of the ocean surf against the 
shore and the squawks of a few sea gulls overhead. Millions of starts and the 
moon were the only light that shone down to earth. That night the moon glowed 
like a huge spotlight made only for the two people down below.
        Bingo closed his eyes and leaned over. He kissed Kelly firmly on her lips. Her 
lips tasted like the sweet taste of candy. He wrapped his strong young muscular 
arms around Kelly's small waist pulling her perfect sexy body firmly into his. 
Kelly draped her arms across his shoulders embracing him.
        Ziggy centered Al on the beach. He really did not want to be playing conscious 
for more reason than one, but the main reason was plenty for him. He wanted to 
be back at the project with Tina, and not stuck in the past trying to talk 
himself out of doing anything he always wanted to do ever since Kelly came to 
Floridia. He looked over at Bingo and Kelly kissing. "Good. Only kissing. 
Maybe, nothing else will happen." He knew that was not the truth. It never was. 
Maybe, it could be with Sam, but not with him. "I'm going home." He pushed the 
button to open the imaging chamber door, but it did not open. "Hey, Gushie! he 
called towards where the door was supposed to be. He wanted somebody at the 
Project to open up the door, so he could leave them alone. He wanted to be 
kissing Tina, instead of watching himself kiss Kelly.
        "He's not in the control room," Ziggy said.
        Immediately Al thought that Gushie and Tina were together. He knew they were 
having a on-and-off relationship since day one. He felt everything was going 
great between him and Tina, but when it comes to elationships one could never 
be too sure. Sam felt that everything was going great between him and Kelly. Al 
immediately felt almost the same feelings of worry Sam probably felt. However, 
Sam did not know what happened between June and October, and many things could 
happen between a strech of time that long. First, Al wanted to take care of his 
own problem, then worry about Sam's. "Where are they?"
        "He's in the power room, and Ms. Martinez-O'Farrell is in her office."
        *Good! They're not together! Sam's the only one that has something to worry 
about,* Al thought. *I sure don't mind that, espescially since I'm the 
guy with his girlfriend he's worrying about.* He looked at Bingo and Kelly 
again. They were now kissing more passionately than before. "Why can't I 
remember any of this?" Al pondered. "I want to be able to remember all of this. 
What's the point in even sleeping with her once, if I can't remember it at 
all?" He looked at Kelly. "There is a big point, even if it's only going to be 
short lived! Even if I can't remember it, I'm going to -"
        "Admiral," Ziggy interrrupted. "You promised Dr. Beckett you'll stop yourself 
from having sexual intercourse with Dr. Beckett's ex-fiancee."
        "Why did I ever promise him that?! I could be home right now. I rally don't 
want to stop this from happening. I want ths to happen. In fact, I always 
wanted this to happen. Maybe, if she was a real dog, maybe then I could try to 
stop it, but she sure isn't. She's a total babe! She's perfect! I would 
probably would do the same thing now, if I could."
        "A promise is still a promise, Admiral," Ziggy stated.
        "I know. I know," Al said giving in. "Why must a choir boy, like Sam, be the 
only one to sleep with her, and I can't even have a chance? The world sure 
isn't fair sometimes. If you get what you want, you're going to owe me big 
time, Sam Beckett."
        Upon hearing his name, Kelly pulled slightly away from Bingo. "Albert, did you 
say something?" she questioned.
        "No, I didn't," Bingo answered.
        "Oh, it's really ridiculous anyway. I just thought I heard you mention his 
        "Whose name?"
        "My ex-boyfriend's," she said shyly.
        "It is ridiculus." Bingo smiled at the ludicrousness of what she had claimed. 
He ran his fingers slowly through Kelly's long blond hair. "You mean the IB's? 
Why would I say his name?"
        "I don't know."
        "I don't know, either. I didn't even know he even had a name," he joked 
smiling at her. 
        *Not exactly a lie, and not exactly the truth either,* Al thought about 
what his younger self had said.
        *Now, what do I say? Bingo thought. When in doubt, use the reliable. 
It always works.* "The only person I'm thinking about is you, because 
you're the only person that matters to me," Bingo told her feeding her one of 
his lines - a line which Al still used a little over fourty years later. Bingo 
gently touched her cheek with the palm of his hand as he gazed deeply into her 
large brown eyes.
        "Well, I'm only thinking about you and me, Albert, because you're the only 
one that matters to me right now." She smilied angelically as her eyes twinkled 
devilishly up at him.
        "I can't believe that live actually worked!" Al commented. He thought about 
all of the other women he used the line on throughout the years. He always 
figured Kelly would be the least likely to fall for it. Kelly was too smart and 
too quickly to find out the truth about everything, and avoid all of the 
phoniness. "I should of used that line sooner with her had I known what the 
results wre going to be."
        Bingo kissed Kelly again. "That's good!" he said as he impariently took his 
shirt off and dropped in onto the sand. "There's nothing else to think about, 
but that."  He leaned over and unbuttoned the top four buttons of her shirt 
exposing her golden tanned skin at the top of her ample breasts. She quickly 
moved against his chest before he even had a chance to touch her underneath her 
top or undo any more buttons.
        "You're right," Al stated. "Forget about Sam. Who cares what's going to happen 
in the future? The decision is theirs. Sam's going to be Bingo's future best 
friend, but so what? Now, let me come home," Al said as he pressed the button 
on the handlink. The door still did not open. "This is getting really annoying. 
See, kid, this is what you have to look forward to. A obnoxious stubborn 
computer that tells you what to do and doesn't open a damn door to let you out, 
and a girlfriend, who you never really know when she's cheating on you," Al 
told his younger self as he wondered what was going on back at the Project. 
"Face it. Life stinks!"
        "Mmm, Dodger!" Bingo moaned as he kissed her. Eve though she was still fully 
clothed, Kelly could feel his strong caresses of her body.
        *Dodger!* Al thought. It was so easy to forget that the sexy babe his 
yonger self was with was the exact same Dodger he knew back in the Bronx. 
"Jeez, there is going to be a lot of trouble going on. You're in really deep 
ca-ca this time, kid. As well as the IB being here, there's going to be a mad 
protective older brother, who deffinitely get mean about this as soon as he 
gets back and finds out what's going on. Also, this is Dodger! This is the same 
girl, who back in the Bronx would punch out any boy, who would kiss her or even 
look at her. She used to have a meaner punch than Muhammad Ali. Most of the 
younger guys from her neighborhood all had stories about getting into a fight 
with her."
        Bingo stopped kissing her, and moved a short distance away. "Dodger, you're 
not going to puch me. Are ya?" he joked smiling at her
        Al pushed a button for the door to open. This time it did. Al turned around to 
face the door that opened in back of him. Before he walked through the door 
that was now in front of him, he looked at the two youthful people standing 
behind him. "Kid, if I get get what I want, I'm going to get the bingo bango 
bongo twice tonight. Once in the past, and again in the present."
        *Life doesn't stink!* Bingo thought. He knew right then what he wanted 

Did anything really happen on that moonlight night? What does Bingo mean by 
that last line? Does he mean for that night - - or forever? Tune in to find