Sam turned around to check if Al was still standing behind him. He was. To 
make matters worse then they were with the breakup, Al seemed to be getting 
much enjoyment out from his best friend caught and in trouble with his 
girlfriend - a prediciment that Al, himself, was faced with many times 
throughout his life. "Even if he was doing something, maybe it didn't really 
mean anything," Sam said looking for an excuse for the matter. Sam knew that 
was never the truth. The truth was that he never slept with anyone whom he did 
not love. Kelly did not have to know the truth, because the truth hurts more 
than lies. "Some guys," *such as people, like Al,* "think sex is something to 
do and feel good doing."
	"Sam's different, at least I always thought so. He's a very sweet person, and 
not a jerk, like you and your buddies."
	*Good, she's turned around and defending me now,* Sam thought. *Maybe, there 
is a chance of us getting back together again.* "Well, maybe, he didn't feel 
the same feelings he has for you," Sam corrected himself. "Kelly, the feelings 
he has for you are special once in a lifetime feelings. Nothing could ever 
replace that, and the feelings could never be felt again." *It is a love that 
could never be replaced no matter what, just like tthe love Al has for Beth. I 
love Kelly with all of my heart and soul. There was never anyone I loved as 
much as her.* Sam regretted what he had done, and felt sorry that his dream of 
Kelly and him getting married and starting a family was never meant to be.
	"David, who are you to talk about love?" she questioned. "You were never with 
the same girl for more than a week. Somehow, though, I know that if you ever 
found the right one, you would only be with her. I always thought I was Sam's 
right one."
	"You are, Kelly," Sam assured her. "I think you should go back to him. Sam 
loves you very much."
	"No way am I going back to him. He violated my trust, and that's something 
that shouldn't be broken, if he really loves me."
	Sam turned around to where Al was supposed to be standing, but he was no 
longer there. Sam really needed him to help him. He knew Al was probably caught 
in the same situation many times before, and probably got out of it a few times 
too. Even though, Sam was smart when it came to academmic smarts and also 
people smarts, Al had other kinds of smarts. *Quick think of something to say. 
Something that will sound make her forget the entire incident in my room. 
Something that will make her feel better that doesn't have to do with love and 
feelings, and sounds like something a guy, like Al, would say but still sounds 
good.* "Che sara sara. Just forget everything. Things happen."
	"I don't want you to take his side, even though it probably comes natural to 
you. I'm your little sister, and blood is thicker than water. All I want you to 
do is to go to Massachusettes, beat him into a pulp and dump him straight into 
Boston Harbor," she said feircely planning out the perfect revenge.
	Sam knew she did not actually want that to happen, but he fully realized the 
extent of her anger towards him. "Kelly, you know I won't do that. Sam's 
probably a really nice guy."
	"David, you're as bad as your friends inside. I always thought you were 
different, 'cause your my big brother. I guess not. I should of known you were 
going to take his side." She turned and started to walk away from him. "I'm 
going home to drown my sorrows in a gallon of rocky road ice-cream. I feel so 
miserable now. I think I gruaduated to the fattening stuff. I wish my best 
friend, Lizzy, wasn't at her uncles house tonight. I really need to talk to 
her. Bye, David."
	"Kelly, wait," Sam called. He had to a need to apologize. He already tried to 
give every possible reason and explaination to her. Now, he just wanted to say 
a simple I'm sorry. "Kelly."
	Kelly turned around and started to walk back to Sam. "Yeah, what?"
	"Sorry about what happened. I know the two of you were close, and a break up 
lik that is never easy." Somehow, sorry did not cut it. He could tell by the 
dejected look upon her face. He could not express all of the terrible feelings 
of lost love that he held in his heart.
	"Are you ok?" a male voice asked Kelly from behind Sam.

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