"Maybe, I -" Sam quickly stopped to rephrase himself. It was hard for him to 
talk about himself as being an etirely different person. Even though he was 
used to becoming different people by now, he was not used to talking about his 
personal life - the life of Sam Beckett - in the thrid person, especially when 
the information directly dealt with him and a person he loved. "Maybe, he 
really didn't mean anything by it. Maybe, they were practicing for a play or 
	"Trust me," she said looking his straight in the eyes. She wanted her brother 
to protect her - not to take her ex-boyfriend's side. "I know what I saw, and 
it definitely wasn't that. I know all about those hippie era college campuses 
with their 'go with the flow' and 'let it all hang out' attitudes."
	The imaging chamber door opened, and old-Al walked out. "Sam, do you know 
where you are?" he said enthusiastically looking around at his surroundings. 'I 
can't believe you're here. It's just my luck I'm not going to be around to 
enjoy it."
	"'Make love, not war,'" Kelly mocked tauntingly.
	Al looked over to Sam and Kelly. "What's up with Dodger?" he asked callng 
Kelly by her nickname from when she was back in the Bronx growning up in her 
old neighborhood, where Al used to hang out a lot. Al had explained that she 
was called Dodger, because she wanted to be teh first woman to play baseball 
for the Brooklyn Dodgers.
	"David," she said to Sam. "Sometimes, love causes wars, and right now I'm 
declaring war on Sam Beckett."
	"There's trouble in paradise. What did you do, buddy boy?"
	"Nothing," Sam told Al. "Nothing happened."
	"What's nothing?" Kelly said angered. "I think the fact that my fiacee was in 
bed with another woman is something." She cringed as she quickly clasp her hand 
over her mouth finding herself blurting out something she wanted to refuse to 
	Al's focus immediately shifted from looking around at the surroundings of his 
youth to listening about the juicy tid-bits of Sam's youth. He was surrounded 
by his own youth and his own surroundings. He knew almost everythng; however, 
he did not know what he was just finding out. The most interesting things were 
not there in front of him, as they were before. Instead, they were all the way 
across the country a little over ten years into the future. "You were doing 
what?" Al said surprised that Sam would even cosider doing such a thing. "If it 
was me, it would be different. I have an excuse in not being able to stop 
myself sometimes. A boy scout like you!"
	"I thought you only found him kissing another girl," Sam interupted. Sam 
sincerely hoped that she was not tellign the truth. He felt guilt overwhelming 
him. Maybe, if he had jsut come from a leap other than when they were madly in 
love, the guilt would not be as strong. Maybe, if he was somewhere other than 
in Al's past, the guilt would not be as strong. Right then, it felt like enough 
to kill him.
	*It's all out in the open now,* she figured. *There's no turnng back now.* 
"They were kissing, all right. She wasn't wearing anything but her tie-die 
t-shirt. I think I can figure out what was going on."
	"I wonder how many other co-ed babes there were, Sam," Al wondered teasingly.
	"Maybe, it wasn't what it looked like," Sam said trying to ignore Al's 
comment. Sam knew that he would never do anything like what Kelly was accusing 
him of. "There must be some mistake."
	"Oh!" Kelly said. "There was no mistake. I'm postively sure about what I saw."