Sam could not believe it. There had been one surprise after another, since he 
got here. There was no way to doubt something that was right in front of him. 
It didn't mater if it was young-Al or if it was her - Sam's high school 
sweetheart, Kelly Viaggio. Right now, Kelly was heading right for him. There 
was no doubt about it. She looked exactly the same as Sam remembered her 
looking like at the talent show back in Indiana. Unlike Al, who was many years 
in the difference from how Sam knew him, Kelly was only a few months older than 
she was that day back in high school. The only thing that changed was her 
clothes. Instead of wearing the bright short outfits that became her trademard 
around Elk Ridge High, she wore a pair of tight black pants and a baggy gigham 
	"There's your little sis, Radar," Bingo informed.	
	*Oh, boy!* Sam thought. *I'm my girlfriend's big brother! A time traveler just 
leaped into another time traveler. This is totally unbelievible, even without 
Al and Kelly.*
	As she came closer, Sam could really notice her mood. She was so angry that 
steam should have been blowing out of her ears. Sam had never saw her this 
upset before about anything. It must be serious. "Kelly, is there a problem?" 
Sam asked as he approached her.
	"You might say that," Kelly said as bitter as a lemon. "Can I talk to you, 
	"Sure," Sam agreed.
	"Let's go outside," Kelly offered. "I certainly don't want to talk in front of 
these nozzles."
	"Hey, Kelly," Chip came onto her. "How about after you talk to your brother, 
you and I go celebrate my leave?"
	"Take a long walk off a short pier," Kelly said. She rolled her eyes at him as 
she tried to forget Chip's comment. From her expression, Sam could tell that 
she wanted to say something really rude to him, but her ladylike ways prevented 
her from saying anything. "Come on, David." She turned around and started to 
walk for the door with Sam following her.
	They walked out together into the parking lot. It was pitch dark outside. Some 
servicemen hung out by the door or walked around outside. If Sam's had not 
figured out that it was the fifties yet, he definitily knew once he walked 
outside. They small parking lot was filled with long fifties styled cars. Kelly 
and him walked towards a group of cars off to the side of the building.
	"I'm so ticked off!" Kelly exclaimed. "Do you want to know what happened?"
	"Yes," Sam said. He wanted to know what happened, so that he could help his 
girlfriend through her dilemma.
	"I went to visit him at MIT, like I was supposed to. He knew I was coming, 
too. I thought we could spend some time together at his college, like we used 
to back in high school last year. You know everything was not really working 
out, especially due to our unusal long distance relationship. I thought that 
everything would be fine and dandy again once I got there, but no. Everything 
was not alright! You know why?" she said as her anger took off like a 
firecracker on the Fourth of July. "I traveled all across this country and 
across a lot of other things as well, just so I could find him kissing another 
girl in his college dorm room. It wasn't even an innocent kiss either. It was a 
big kiss, just like the way he used to kiss me. I really socked it to him for 
it. How dare he do something like that to me? To us? Oh, I hate him so much!"
	"Hate who?" Sam asked. He knew that she wasn't talking about any of the guys 
inside. Sam could tell she totally hated this fellow. He could tell her 
feelings for him ran deep. He could tell she had once loved him very much, but 
now all of her trust and love for him had disappeared and turned itself into 
pure anger. *God, please don't let her be talking about me! Please, let it be 
about someone else!*
	"My fiancee, Samuel Beckett! That's who!"
	*Prayers not answered, and my girlfriend is giving me hell twice over,* Sam 
thought. *What did I ever do to deserve this? I mean I know what I did, but why 
me! Why did it have to happen the same time that I leaped in? Why couldn't I 
leap in at some other time or into another person, just so Kelly wouldn't be 
annoyed at me right now?*
	Sam did not remember any of this happening, but then he usually did not 
remember the things that happen due to the changes he made. Even if it did 
happen in the life that he originally lived, he did not remember kissing a girl 
in college, when Kelly was supposed to visit. In the original history, Sam 
never even got engage to Kelly. Sam proposed to her when he leaped back to when 
he was in high school to save her from a boating accident. In the orginal 
history, Kelly was not supposed to be here in the first place. She was suposed 
to be in a coma and lying in a hospital somewhere back in Indiana - a coma Sam 
avoided by rescuing her. After she got betterm she was not even supposed to go 
here, though. In the original history, she went to San Francisco and hung out 
with all of the eccentric people she was to meet out there in the early 
seventies. Sam distinctly remembered her being out there. He even visited her a 
few times, when he was studying at a college in California after he went to 
	Right now, everything was a entirely new and different life history for him 
and Kelly. 
	*Big trouble!* Sam thought. *She's talking about me! Kelly hates me! Thank God 
she can't see me right now, or I'll be in even bigger trouble, like I'm not 


"If I could turn back time. 
I'd turn it all the way.
I'd take back all the words 
That would hurt you, 
And you'd stay."
	- Cher