Monica Briggs
Soap # 2: Changes
Chapter One

Warning: This story is a lot more soapy than the first. And soap doesn't get rid of 
smut - it causes it. Still, there ain't anything here, that ain't in "Days" or 
"90210" or "Melrose" already. Probably there would be a TV-14 American 
tv-rating on it, if it was a ep. (Reg. QL is just TV-PG, but sometimes I think it truly reached the 14 level. Maybe, I 
really reckon this story is just TV-PG, anyway.) Still, I just wanted to warn y'all. 


        Sam felt a glass bottle up to his mouth and warm beer pouring in. Sam looked 
around him. He was standing in what seemed like a bar. The place had a heavy 
smell of tobacco smoke and beer. Somewhere a jukebox played, but was drowned 
out by people's rowdy and loud conversations. The place was crowded with 
service men - US Navy men to be exact. All were dressed in their uniforms, as 
was Sam. Sam was standing around a wooden table with a group of three others 
guys, who all looked like they were in their early twenties. By the way the 
guys were goofing around and laughing, Sam could tell that these guys were 
definitely buddies.
        "Here's to three days of freedom," a guy in the group said holding up his can 
of beer.
        "Yeah, we could do whatever we want," a second guy agreed. His voice had a 
faint South Carolina accent.
        "There's going to be no pompous windbag nozzles telling us what to do for the 
next few days," another guy said. His back was turned to the group, and he was 
aiming for a dart board near the table.
        Sam could not believe what he was seeing and hearing.
        That voice!
        It was Al!
        "Oh, boy!"


        The guy turned to face the group, and took a gulp from his beer bottle. 
"Here's to all of the chicks we're going to met." He took another longer gulp from his 
bottle. "And, that's to all all of the chicks we're going to screw."
        "I'm with you, Bingo." the first guy said as he drank some of the foamy yellow 
liquid from his can. Sam remembered that Bingo was Al's nickname, when he was 
        Sam could not believe his eyes. It was Al, all right! Even though he was years 
younger - no more than twenty-three years old - it was definitely him. He had 
the same deep dark eyes and looks, even his expression was the same. He had a 
smug lustful look on his face due to his day-dreaming of his plans for his 
three-day leave. It was the same look that Sam saw way to many times. That 
voice, those eyes and that look. There was no denying it. The young man 
standing in front of him was the one and only Al Calavicci.
        "Radar, what the hell you looking at?" he said annoyed looking directly at 
Sam. '
Sam looked  away quickly. "Nothing," Sam replied, but it really was something and a big something as well. It was 
extremely hard not to look. Sam had known Al for many years - Al when he was 
older, that is. Sam and old-Al had been working or will work together, depending upon how you look at it, since the eighties. Over that time, 
especially due to Project Quantum Leap, they became  will become close friends.        *Radar must be what young-Al and his friends call the guy I leaped into,* 
thought Sam. *It's good that he sees me as his friend, Radar, rather than a 
friend he is going to have in the future. I really don't know how this could 
happen, since the future Al I know sees me for me.*
        Sam quickly glanced back over at the young man standing next to him. It was 
hard to believe that this guy would grow up and turn into his best friend. It 
was so easy for Sam to forget that Al once was young. He was not always the 
ghost-like hologram that always helped Sam on his leaps. In a time long before 
PQL, he was once in his twenties and did all of the normal things that a 
twenty-something does - normal for Al at least. Sam always heard Al talk about 
things that happened before the present, especially when it came to his 
ex-wifes; however, Sam was now in a part of Al's life that was even before that 
- at least Sam was for a little while.
        "Imagine doing it with you-know-who," the first guy said extending his hands 
in front of him to form a woman's breasts. "Did you see the size of those 
        "How could you miss them, Chip?" young-Al, Bingo, agreed with his friend 
immediately knowing exactly who he was refering to. "She has a great set of 
        "I bet that sometimes ol' Radar here wishes that she's not his sis," Chip said 
slapping Sam on his back.
        "He's still her brother, even if she is shaped like the way she is," Bingo 
said. "I'm sure glad I'm not related to her."
        "I'm whose brother?" Sam questioned. He did not know whose brother he was. He 
didn't knoe who they were talking about. Maybe, he could get some information 
about the guy he leaped into.   
        "Are you too drunk to remember?" Chip questioned. "Do you think we should tell 
        "Maybe, if we don't, he'll want to lay her as much as we do," Bingo stated. 
"Why does the IB even have to exist?"
        "IB?" Sam asked. Apparently, IB stood for something, but Sam had not got a 
clue what.
        "Invisible Boyfriend," Bingo explained as if Sam should know what they were 
talking about. "Her fiancee up north. He's a real square looser bumpkin. That's 
what I understand from what she told me."
        "I thought you never listen to what they say?" Carolina asked.
        "Sometimes, I do, Bubba," Bingo said calling Carolina by his correct nickname. 
"Learn from the master. Rule number one is that sometimes you have to listen to 
them, so they'll think you care, even though you don't. That way they'll give 
themselves to you no questions asked. Unless, they're ready to get in on right 
on the spot."
        "Makes sense."
        "Somehow, because of the IB, she's not giving any of us the time of day or 
anything else for that matter," Bingo continued. "When it comes to her, I'd do 
her anytime any day."
        "You'd do any girl anytime any day," Bubba said.
        Nothing ever changes! Sam thought.
        "Hey, all of us would do the same thing. Radar's just the exception with his 
little sis," Bingo said as he faced Sam.
        "Call 911, 'cause that chick's on fire," Chip announced as he saw the 
beautiful young woman walk through the door on the other side of the room. All 
of the guys in the group looked at her.
        "Oh, boy!" Sam exclaimed as he looked towards the door at the gorgeous teenage 

Who is the mystery girl? Find out in Chapter Two.